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Public schools are failing our children. Burrell Academy is a Life Preparatory Preschool designed to combat that. With a long-term goal of providing social, academic, and behavioral services to disadvantaged children Burrell Academy provides the tools needed for a child to be successful in life before they turn 5. 


5 Pillars of

Burrell Academy

1. Self-Advocacy

2. Life Skills

3. Financial Literacy

4. Academics

5. Personal Responsibility


Parents Recommend


Tutoring and

Behavior Services

Life Preparatory 


Cantrail Treyvon's Mom

Lethia Tyler's Mom

Khadijah Amari's Mom

Marc Malaya's Dad

They were not trying to let my son in school because of his history. Burrell Academy advocated for my son's rights and now he gets additional services I didn't know he qualified for. 

Burrell Academy created a Behavior Plan for Tyler that worked instantly. His speech also improved and he is having an easier time learning new information.

Burrell Academy's summer program is needed. He was two. Reading words, writing his name, counting by ten's.. TWO!

I can't believe her progress. The program (Burrell Academy) really taught her how to read in just a few sessions.  

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