A B O U T  M E

Erica Burrell M.Ed.

Child Development Expert

Erica Burrell is a child development expert and parent support coach. Erica created Burrell Academy as a result of her own issues with public schools and coming out of a dysfunctional foster care system. She quickly figured out that children of color were being expelled at higher rates, reading at lower rates, and lacked the skills needed to be successful in life. Burrell Academy was created to combat all of that. Children leave the program reading, self-advocating and understanding how powerful they are which changes the life trajectory of that child.  

Erica has a diverse background that includes training teachers, creating curriculum, advocating for students with special needs, leading cultural diversity and inclusion workshops, writing and illustrating children's books and launching Burrell Academy. Burrell Academy is Mrs. Burrell's vision of what education should be. Her belief is that education should consist of an individualized plan for every child that meets their unique needs. Erica has received numerous awards, including being voted Bay Area Local Hero by the Guardian Newspaper, she has been featured on HBO, 12 News, NPR Radio and more.

Most importantly throughout her decade of experience, Erica has helped hundreds of students and their families with the most challenging academic and social-emotional situations. There is no problem too big and she looks forward to having Burrell Academy support your family however possible.

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Certified Experts, Proven Results

Our school and services both operate under the idea that every child deserves individualized support. Burrell Academy provides individualized services to children and families who need help. Help with academics, help with behavior management, help with navigating the special education school system or public education schools, help with developing speech and more. We are here to help and will not close out your plan until we have done so. We believe every situation is unique which means the solution to the issue is unique and should be determined on an individual basis.

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