Private Assessment & Treatment Sessions

There are no two cases alike, so here at Burrell Academy, we require a 60-minute consultation with the parents to get started on any service within the organization. 

Affordable payment plans and additional finance options avaliable

In-Home Behavior Services

If your child is having difficulties managing their behavior including low self-esteem, tantrums, challenges with social interactions, hitting or exhibiting any other undesired behaviors this service is for you. With in-home behavior support, your child will receive an individualized plan that will allow them to drastically improve.

Skype Consultations

In a video consultation, we spend 60-minutes with you via Skype to verify what your child needs, the dynamics of your household, and understanding the best treatment plan for your family.

Burrell Reading Academy

Children can read fluently as soon as they start talking. This service is for anyone who is struggling to read. Whether your child is in kindergarten or 6th grade an in home expert will use the Burrell Academy Reading program to get your child reading fluently.  

Tutoring Services 

If your child is struggling academically in-home specialized tutoring maybe the extra support they need. Our tutors are certified in the areas of reading, writing and math and ready to help.

Special Education Advocacy 

From IEP's to accommodations and paperwork the special education field can be overbearing. If you are unsure what services your child should be receiving, how their disability affects their interactions,or if modifications are being followed this service is right for you.

Speech Services 

If your child is not talking, only saying select words or does not speak like age typical peers, speech services can help develop and grow your child's communication skills. Play-based speech services are perfect for children age 2-6 years old.

Professional Development Trainings

Book Erica Burrell to speak at your next staff meeting.

Workshops include

  • Effective Behavior Management

  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion within the classroom

  • Teaching students with special needs 

       and more!

College Prep Preschool

Burrell Academy prepares children for College by providing the skills needed to be successful adults. This includes academics in the areas of math, reading & writing, social skills and motor skills. In addition students learn key life skills such as budgeting, self- advocacy, conflict resolution and more. 

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