Program Highlights for Explorers  

  • Early intervention services for children with potential delays

  • Variety of Sensory Activities 

  • Activities for speech and motor development         


  • End of program goals for Explorers  

  • Social goal 
  • Explorers should be able to: 

  • Communicate beginning toileting needs 

  • Communicate feelings using visuals 

  • Understand of classroom expectations and routines

  • Communicate the need for help using verbal, visual or sign language, understand basic peer to peer interactions (sharing, keeping hands to themselves, etc.)


  • Economic Goal
  • Explorers should be able to:

  • Possess a general understanding of money (songs, videos and activities) 

  • Complete classroom jobs and earn “Burrell Bucks” (pushing chairs in, cleaning classroom etc.)


  • Academic Goal
  • Explorers will have exposure to and will participate in activities that teach:

  • Numbers 1-50

  • Uppercase Letters

  • Gross Motor Skills (coloring)

  • Sensory (Finger Painting

    *Students at this age are being introduced to the economic, social, and academic skills needed for long-term success. Assessments will be administered on a monthly basis to track student achievement, areas of growth, and any potential concerns or delays.


Explorers: 1- 2-year olds

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