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Program Highlights for Leaders

  • Parent support with transitional services to kindergarten and how to choose the right grade school

  • Students are academically ready for kindergarten

  • Emphasis on students self-advocating for their needs
    End of Program Goals for Leaders

Social Goals

Leaders will be able to:

  • Speak in complete sentences

  • Understand “code switching,” when to speak properly versus when to speak how you are most comfortable

  • Display familiarity with presenting and public speaking

Economic Goals

Leaders will be able to:

  • Understand currencies and the United States’ banking system

  • Understand ownership versus renting

  • Understand the concept of credit and credit scores, and their importance 

Academic Goals

Leaders will be able to:

  • Read fluently

  • Add and subtract within 100

  • Write without tracing


  • Each program builds on top of each other. The age groups are only a rough guide, students may not be ready to advance to the next group and that is okay if state requirements are followed. Additionally, intervention services are available for students who are struggling academically or


Leaders: 4-5year olds