Program Highlights for Achievers 

  • Communication logs sent home daily that specify what time each child ate and what time, how many wet and poop diapers and what time, concerns, and positive improvements

  • Tummy Time and other activities that encourage and strengthen gross motor skills

  • Teacher lead Infant Stretches

  • Assessments to test responses to light and sound 


End of program goals for Achievers

Social Goal 

Achievers will be able to

  • Recognize and respond to their name 

  • Use 1-2-word sentences 

  • Communicate through pointing, pictures and overall engagement with toys and people


Economic Goal 

N/A: Students at this age are too young to start the process of economics. However, their gross motor and fine motor development will help to stimulate their overall growth which will later support them academically. 


Academic Goal

Achievers will have active participation in and should develop the following: 

  • Hand and eye coordination

  • Grasping reflexes 

  • Independently holding head and neck 

  • Responding to sounds and various stimuli 

  • Active use of arms and legs (including kicking and swinging)


 Achievers 3 months-1 year (or when walking)